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If the existing wiring is fabric-insulated or has no ground wire, have a qualified electrician inspect it to determine if the wiring should be replaced. You have heard these called can light due to the original style that had a can shape with a light bulb inside. For toilets and showers, “wet” or “shower location” rated housings are an absolute must for safety. When working with electricity always: Turn OFF electricity at the main fuse box or the circuit breaker box that controls the power to the fixture or the room you’re working on. The reflective trim lining reflects the light giving you Vax lumen output for your application. Many of our bath exhaust fans feature built-in lights, making them perfect for over a bathroom toilet or whirlpool tub. Let one of our experts help guide you through your project with expert advice ranging from inspiration to installation. They have a clean look and blend in with the ceiling.

"The garage is completely stocked," says listing agent Cliff Kessler . There's a workspace with a hydraulic vehicle lift, ideal for tuning up a precious sports car. Next to the workspace is parking space for five cars. When you tire of tuning up engines or polishing rims, you could take a break and kick back in front of the massive TV screen, which is mounted on the garage wall. "The owner is a car dealer, so he had the garage built to his specifications," Kessler says, "It is very functional." But this garage isn't only about oil, spark plugs, and Turtle Wax. It also features a wet bar and trophy area. The wet bar has wraparound countertops, loads of cabinet space, a fridge, and a big-screen TV mounted on the back wall. Opposite the bar, a row of shadow boxes sits on top of cabinets. With plenty of space and recessed lighting, it's ideal for displaying trophies and automobile memorabilia.

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Look.ut for specials under $15. Mississauga has doubled in size in each of the last two decades. Portions are very generous for the price. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. Slightly up scale Indian restaurant . Offers a nice ambiance in the middle of an otherwise hectic area.   Because of the lack of urban planning in its early years, the city has become to spread out, causing it to be difficult to traverse without a personal car. In an effort to increase their number of passengers however, Mississauga has put in major efforts to improve the system, including their Clicknride web page, which plans out the most appropriate trip for the rider as well.

Since you're working with an existing light fixture you'll need a remodel housing; however, if the recessed lightening housing will be surrounded by insulation you'll need one that's insulation rated. See the selection of LED recessed light available from WAC Lighting and Brock Lighting for energy efficient, contemporary can lighting. It is really important to figure out what type of housing installation system you need before you begin considering the design. These are great for high ceilings or rooms needing Vax lighting output with minimal fixtures. These are excellent for task focused lighting as well as drawing attention to a display case or other feature in your home. Low voltage is a more energy efficient alternative that uses a 12 volt current instead of a 120 volt current. Screw LED down lights into an existing socket.     2.     If you still have questions, visit our Recessed Lighting FAQ or feel free to give us a call at 866-428-9289.