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Our company offers professional pot light installation for residential homes and businesses. Square dash; Pretty simple. Definitely make sure to check out this post. Please enter your Postcode and select your local store, so we can provide current product and pricing information available for your area. Recessed Trim and LED Lighting custom outdoor lighting Kits Find special trim rings for fluorescent housing fixtures. Depending on the lighting needs of the space you may want more or less illumination. Do you know why? We know where to place them and how to install them so as not to harm the structure or integrity of the building.

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One of the main lighting patterns used to bring more light into the canter of a room, where more people tend to gather, is to place the pot lights around the outer part of the room on the ceiling. Pot lighting is becoming very popular in the new house construction and home remodelling businesses. Other choices include economical line voltage fixtures or high quality low voltage designs. Additional sources to help you install recessed lights: Customer Recessed Lighting Project Photos Now and then our customers like to share their lighting project photos with us and we love it! You'll find top brands such as Lightolier, Halo and Juno, as well as a complete selection of California Title 24 Compliant lighting designs. Looking for a visual guide to help you with your layout? Recessed lights are known by many names. Recessed Trim and LED Lighting Kits Find special trim rings for fluorescent housing fixtures.